TSL Supports Joss Stone’s Comeback Tour

Joss Stone performs on stage with purple beam lighting

To mark two decades since the launch of her platinum-selling debut album “The Soul Sessions’”, Joss Stone makes a comeback taking to the stage at various locations across the globe for her 20 Years of Soul Anniversary Tour.

Lighting Designer, Erich Bertti and White Cliff Productions Ltd enlisted TSL Lighting to supply a versatile lighting package for each venue.

Erich Bertti praised TSL for their expertise and reliable partnership. “I am no stranger to TSL and once again, they delivered the expected competence and partnership. I know that I can make a phone call no matter when and someone will help me if I’m in trouble. I can say that this friendship is priceless and more and more it’s what makes my choices between rental companies.

The equipment was flawless and everything was very well prepped. Which is very important to me when I have to travel and make it work regardless of the obstacles in different countries and venues.”

The GLP Impression X4 Bar 20s were used as an uplight for the Austrian drape and as a backlight on the band and artist. “I love how versatile they go just from a zoom change and a position focus. I also had the Martin VDO Atomic Bolds which were pretty bright and interesting although I couldn’t really use them to their full potential because of my parameter limitations. I am looking forward to being able to in the future!”

Bertti designed the show to present a rejuvenated Joss Stone. “The design was conceived to bring a refreshed Joss Stone show, such as the setlist and overall performance. Joss’ 20 years career is a landmark that deserves such a statement and even with a simple “straight forward” rig I can say we fulfilled our expectations in every shape and form.”

We look forward to working with the whole team as the Tour continues.