TSL Lighting adds Elation KL Fresnel to the Inventory

Image of a LED flood light Fresnel

TSL Lighting has expanded their product offerings by adding Elation Professional’s KL Fresnel 6 FC™ to inventory, a high-quality LED Fresnel luminaire that delivers superior white light yet enables full-colour functionality as required.

Managing Director Sam Tamplin says the company had been searching for an LED Fresnel light to add to their inventory for several years but they had not found one that met their high standards until now. “They were either too bulky, or the output wasn’t bright enough,” he said. “The KL Fresnel 6 FC gives us a unit which is compact, punchy and with a high quality full colour engine, bright enough to satisfy even the most demanding lighting Designers.”

Designed for any application requiring high output soft light with precise colour reproduction and adjustable colour temperature, the KL Fresnel 6 FC excels at projecting a uniform wash of soft field light while matching the white balance for camera. It houses a 220W RGBMA LED engine with CRI of 92 and can produce up to 8,000 field lumens.

TSL arranged a demo of the KL Fresnel 6 FC through Entedi, Elations exclusive UK, and thereafter decided to add it to their stock. 

The investment adds to other Elation fixtures in TSL inventory, including over 700 outdoor-rated Paladin Cube™ LED floodlights. “We have been impressed with the build quality, reliability, output and price point of the Elation products we have in our inventory,” Tamplin remarked.

TSL commended Entedi for their excellent support and quick delivery, and also recognized Marcel Wijnberger, Technical Manager at Entedi, for his technical assistance across the Elation range. “Entedi were great, as always. Cally and his team always give us excellent support and are quick to arrange demo fixtures and shootouts whenever we need to. Delivery is always rapid and we are kept up to date on shipping progress and expected delivery dates at all stages of the process.”

TSL’s new KL Fresnel 6 FC lights will be used on a variety of projects, including corporate events and broadcast environments. They have already been showcased on the catwalk at the recently concluded London Fashion Week and are now available from TSL’s state-of-the-art facility and warehouse in Basingstoke.