TSL Lights up Stellantis Conference Series

Man on a stage with a jeep entering, beautifully lit.

TSL Lighting worked with creative agency Strata to supply a lighting package for the Stellantis conference series at the NEC Birmingham from 24 January.

The event was an exciting showcase of a wide range of automotive technology and innovation from some of the biggest names in the industry, and Strata designed a digitally enabled solution that allowed for 8 unique brand immersions on a shared platform for over 2300 delegates in 5 days. 

A range of lighting fixtures were supplied for LD Andy Grant to utilise, including our Ayrton Perseos with custom-made Gobos for each brand, Robe Spiiders, Martin Mac Aura XB’s and Chroma-Q Colorforce II’’s used as uplighter for large cycs.

Astera AX3’s and NYX Lamps acted as marker lights for the entrance and exit to the stage, with Astera Hydra Panels illuminating the inside of the cars.

We look forward to working with Strata again in the near future.