Welcome to TSL. In a sentence – we provide lighting and rigging equipment and services for a wide range of live events. We hope that you will enjoy your visit to our web site and that you will get a good impression of the kind of projects we get involved in and the passion with which we do it.


Who are TSL?

TSL are a team with a common goal – to provide the best quality lighting and rigging services available in the production industry.   Quality is at the heart of everything we do and this starts with equipment that we supply and runs through the services that our team provides alongside this. Our most important asset is our people, who share in this vision and each member of our team play a major role in achieving this.

What do we do?

From professional advice on selecting lighting and rigging equipment to dry-hire for a small production through to a team providing crew and equipment for a major touring event, Our warehouse is particularly neat, clean and bright and is a great environment for us to research and deliver innovative approaches to system design and neatly prepare and present equipment for our rental and projects customers.

Combining Lighting & Rigging

TSL are able to provide lighting and rigging systems, separately for a project.  We frequently just provide rigging or just provide lighting for a production. However, as we have a true focus in both of these areas, we are able to provide a combined service, which can benefit a project in the planning and delivery stages.   Our project management can take an integrated approach to the planning of both lighting and rigging, which ultimately drives greater efficiency on-site and drives better value for the customer.

Rigging involves not only the provision of hoists and trussing equipment.  Frequently, system structural design / loading calculations / integration with other suppliers’ equipment are a key element of what TSL provide.

Our Premises And Warehouse Operation

We run a state of the art warehouse operation with a full IT infrastructure which manages customer’s orders, logistics, crew and our inventory control including all repairs, PAT & LOLER testing schedules and results. Every piece of kit is bar-coded and tracked from job to job. We can therefore intelligently manage all of the equipment you hire. Our warehouse is something we are proud of and is an ever evolving operation always striving to improve efficiency, safety and quality.