TSL are able to provide everything from a small rental of cable and mains distribution equipment right through to a full package of lighting and rigging. In addition to equipment rental we offer a service whereby our project management team can work alongside a client team to execute a project. This services sees a TSL project manager work as a single point of contact throughout the lifespan of a project, from initial conception and brief, through the scheduling and planning stage and ultimate delivery of the event. This might also involve the provision of specialised technical crew to install, program and operate the system. Our speciality is the level of system design and pre-production that we undertake before arriving on site. Both our project management and onsite teams are very experienced in a wide range and scale of productions and venues and are used to installing a system, neatly and effectively, to very demanding timescales.

Often our team work with a client’s independent Lighting Designer to turn a creative idea into technical reality. However, some clients approach us with a simple creative brief and also ask us to provide a full package of equipment and services. Several members of our team have qualifications and experience in lighting design but more commonly we will include the services of one of our network of associated independent Lighting Designers into a project. This allows us the flexibility of matching a particular creative style and specific experience to a project, to achieve an innovative and effective end result.

Combining Lighting & Rigging

TSL are able to provide lighting and rigging systems separately for your project. However, as we have a true focus in both of these areas, we are able to provide a combined service which can benefit the project in the planning and delivery stages. Our project management team can take an integrated approach to the planning of both lighting and rigging, which ultimately drives greater efficiency on-site and offers better value for the customer.

Rigging involves not only the provision of hoists and trussing equipment but can also include system structural design, CAD plans, loading calculations and integration with other suppliers’ equipment.