TSL add EXE 2000kg LV Single Fall Hoists

Close up of a large EXE Chain Hoist hanging.

TSL have made a significant additional investment into Litec EXE Rise chain hoists this year, adding another 166 hoists into rental stock.

New investments include the brand new EXE Rise D8 + 350kg, a small body hoist for compact applications, many more of the D8+ 500kg and D8+ 1000kg hoists to add to stock, and the EXE Rise D8+ 2000kg LV Single Fall Chain Hoists arriving next month.

TSL will be the first UK rental house to supply the new Extra Large Frame 2000kg hoists which boast a single chain (single fall) configuration, meaning twisting should be a thing of the past.

TSL’s full range of EXE hoists are compliant with the new EN 17206:2020 standard.