TSL gets creative with LightLab for their “Silent Fall” exhibition

A dark image with an immersive installation creatively illuminating the scene of crafted trees blowing out lighten bubble.

TSL were recently contacted by lighting designer Aurelie Nedjar, of design studio Lightlab, to assist with the mid-season refresh of A.A. Murakami’s “Silent Fall” exhibition taking place at the Royal Academy of Arts, London.

This fully immersive installation creatively uses art, design and engineering to imagine an alternative future. Comprising a dozen large, custom built ‘trees’, each tree has multiple branches that each feature a custom made ‘dropper’ that produces smoke-filled bubbles about the size of a large mango. Coupled with a false floor, mirrored walls and blacked out ceiling, the participant is able to feel fully captivated by the droppers and, by wearing special gloves provided, even manipulate the bubbles and play catch with them!

Once installed into the floor and the floor replaced, any fixtures or infrastructure became practically impossible to access so TSL had to ensure that everything installed was rugged, well tested and equipped for such a long period of time in such a unique environment.

Buried within the floor, 60 Astera AX3 uplighters are the main workhorse for the show. Their small footprint and bright, RGBW LED engine allows for a vast array of colours to quickly and easily fill the room to perfectly accent the mood from the soundtrack in the space. Similarly, the narrow beam angle and positioning of the fixtures also allows the bubble droppers and tree trunks to be beautifully uplit to give an almost ethereal feel to the ‘forest’ inside the room.

For added durability throughout the run, as well as being attached directly to the floor the AX3s have also been hard-wired to custom built 8-way power distribution boxes (also hidden within the floor) and fitted with a custom glass cover to help further protect against ingress from the fluid created by the bubble droppers.

The units are controlled wirelessly by one of TSLs LumenRadio WDMX boxes thus leaving the Astera Art7 box free to act purely as a management and monitoring system for venue staff.

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Silent Fall runs until 8th May and tickets can be purchased from https://www.superblue.com/london/tickets/