TSL Supports the Grenfell Memorial Day

White and green stage with a green heart, with rigging and lighting fixed to the stage

TSL supplied a rigging and lighting package for the recent Grenfell Memorial event held on the 14th June, to mark the fifth year anniversary.

The truss structure covered the 8m by 5m stage, and consisted of silver Prolyte H30v truss together with custom angle brackets to give the roof a sloped 10Ā° angle. TSL also provided a wireless anemometer from Broadweigh and an onsite wind monitoring laptop to give continuous recording and monitoring.

In terms of lighting, TSL supplied 6 x Astra panels from Litepanels to provide a consistent and fully colour adjustable front and side light across the stage. These lightweight fixtures offer smooth dimming and are flicker free at any frame rate, which is perfect for both broadcast and studio work. A selection of Chroma Q ColorForce 12 and 48 utilised as a ground row offered an even coverage of the backdrop. These LED battens offer a super bright wash of up to 8m, and with a high CRI are always popular for corporate, theatre and TV events.

An additional package of Oxo Pixylines 150 provided extra coverage and uplighting as required. The silent operation and compact form factor of these RGBW battens makes them a popular choice for designers of various shows.

Control was provided by a Chamsys MQ60.