TSLs Tungsten and LED in sync at Equus

TSL were proud to support Trafalgar Entertainment as they host the touring production of Equus at Trafalgar Studios in London. Lit by Jess Hung Han Yun with associate Christopher Nairne, the production tells the tale of a psychiatrist treating a man who has a pathological fascination with horses.

For this run, Production Electrician Liam Cleary chose to pair traditional tungsten Source 4s and Rama Fresnels with one of TSLs latest additions, the Coemar LEDko LED Profile. The Chroma Q Color Force Mk II 72 battens along the Cyclorama allowed for a full range of strong, saturated colours through to pastel tones to be washed up the backdrop with ease. TSL also provided all cabling for this on an entirely True1 system, with some 16A additions to seamlessly integrate into the house rig. Dimming and power distribution was handled by one of TSLs biggest units, the HPD60.

Project manager Matt Dunn commented “It was great to see tungsten and LED technology seamlessly go hand in hand on this show, with the Coemar’s dimming and variable colour temperature handling every task that was thrown it’s way.”

“The HPD60 is an amazing unit. Being able to have control over each channel of each Socapex saved loads of time and cabling with the team at Trafalgar Studios no longer needing to run double runs [of hot power and dimmed power] to every location”

Equus runs until September 7th 2019 at Trafalgar Studios, London.

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