TSL uses LED to create buzz at Bumble party

Continuing our strong relationship with the team at INCA, TSL recently took a trip to Village Underground in London for an event hosted by the social networking app, Bumble.

An event where 400 top Bumblers were invited to a Valentine’s ‘Domino Effect’ party, TSL’s LD Neil Harvey used the company’s inventory of Robe LEDBeam 150s to create looks that were big and impressive from fixtures that were small and unobtrusive to the main stage. These were complimented beautifully by the PixelPatts mounted behind the stage on sticks that could create tungsten-esque eye candy looks and then snap into something colourful and vibrant.

Away from the stage, Mac Aura XB units and Clay Paky Axcor 300 Spots proved to be the workhorses on the truss; with these bright, LED fixtures allowing for a greater output and greater number of fixtures from the power within the venue.

In the reception area, Astera Titan Tubes were placed within the horticulatural display. Being battery powered and featuring wireless DMX control, these were the perfect units for this situation as they could be positioned anywhere without any worries relating to power and data cables. TSL’s vast stock of SmartBat Uplighters were scattered about the venue to create a general ambience that was loved by all.

For more information on any of the products used or to arrange a demo, please contact [email protected]