TSL at UFC Prague

Teams from TSL recently took a trip to Prague for the UFC Fight Night 145. The largest UFC event in Czech history, this event was hosted in the O2 Arena in the centre of the city and attended by over 15,000 guests.

Designer Jason Eible opted for Avolites consoles as his control surface of choice, with TSL’s Sapphire Touch taking overall control with a Tiger Touch II running as a tracking backup. This was complimented perfectly by TSL’s large stock of Luminex ArtNet nodes and RDM compliant LumiSplit buffers which allowed our system technician to create a robust and distributed control architecture with multiple layers of redundancy.

In addition to the vast array of generic fixtures in the rig, TSL provided Litepanels Astra 6X Bi-Colour LED panels to ensure that the event looked as great for the TV cameras as it did in the venue. Strong, saturated colours came from our SGM Q7 LED fixtures and specials and gobo projections from our inventory of Martin Mac Viper Profiles and Performances. Once again our Mac Aura XBs were the workhorse of this event to provide audience illumination and general wash light.

For more information on any of the products used or to arrange a demo, please contact [email protected]