TSL Supports HCL for Colour Conference 2019

TSL have had a strong working relationship with Hillsong Church London for many years and were proud once again to help support their Annual Colour Conference 2019.

Held at the iconic Wembley Arena, crew chief Cookie Stephenson helped bring LD Andy Bacon’s vision to life. The arena was transformed using TSL’s vast stock of Martin Mac Viper and Aura XB units to ensure that programmer Callum Gorniak had a powerful, yet versatile, rig able to cope with anything that happened on the stage from keynote speeches through to large musical numbers. This also proved to be a noteworthy event for the first appearance of TSLs brand new, custom branded 45ft Artic Trailer.

Data distribution was done via TSLs large stock of Luminex DMX-8 MkII ArtNet nodes, GigaCore Switches and LumiSplit 2.10 RDM compatible buffers. This, coupled with TSLs own Fibre Arena System, ensured a control system that was rock solid and allowed for the quick and easy distribution of data exactly where it was required on stage or on the grid. Control was provided by 2 of TSLs GrandMA2 Lite consoles (main and backup) with additional provision at FOH for the all-important, DMX controllable TSL Fridge!

Account Handler and TSL Managing director Sam Tamplin commented “It’s always a pleasure to work with Hillsong and provide a robust system that loads in quickly. As a company we have put a lot of effort in to standardising our approach & infrastructure for these larger shows enabling us to achieve tight load in schedules. Our warehouse turned out great kit again clearly labelled and prepped despite a large volume of work leaving the same week. Out of the 200+ moving lights, our crew didn’t swap out a single light! We look forward to working Hillsong again”

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