TSL lights up Rotterdam’s Ahoy Arena

Continuing on from our involvement within the eSports community, TSL recently took a trip to Rotterdam for the latest in the League of Legends Riot Games series, the LEC Spring Finals.

Rotterdam’s trademark Ahoy! Arena was transformed by LD Arnold Serame’s lighting design. TSL’s large stock of Martin Mac Vipers, with a combined total of over 200 Profile, Performance and Wash DX fixtures hung on the trusses that surrounded the central stage, including 2 trusses spanning the entire length of the arena. Gobos and beams were crystal clear throughout the entire arena thanks to 4 MDG ATMe Hazers.

Nestled within the cube of projection screens, a central grid of densely packed and carefully positioned Martin Aura XB units allowed for crisp colours to be washed on stage and to light each of the 10 players without dazzling them or glaring on their monitors – ensuring that the event looked phenomenal to those watching in the arena and those watching around the world on the live stream.

One of TSL’s latest investments, the Clay Paky Axcor Beam 300, took pride of place on the stage with over 40 fixtures providing the cameras with some spectacular beams. Upon the Trophy Stage, they were paired with TSL’s stock of Chroma-Q ColorForce 2 battens (the 12, 48 and 72 units) to ensure that the prize looked nothing short of spectacular.

TSL rose to the occasion with a huge control system that took the internet by storm! 4 Full-Size GrandMA2 consoles were sessioned alongside 19 MA2 NPUs to also control hundreds of metres of LED pixel tape mounted into the stage to give a total parameter count of 86,016 and a total fixture count of 17,316. This signal was then distributed out using a network of TSL’s Luminex control equipment and its own Fibre Arena System ensuring that the whole system remained rock solid throughout the entire show.

TSL’s lighting crew was headed up by John Nowell, bringing his cool, calm and methodical demeanor to ensure everything ran as smoothly as possible.

For any more information on the products used in this event or to arrange a demo, please contact [email protected]

Photo Credits to Dom Main and Maria Wendenburg