DesignStand D2

Key Features

  • Neat exhibition grade system.
  • High 500kg Load Capacity
  • Universal mounting plate or T Bar.
  • Varying Height up 240cm Height
  • Hollow structure to allow hidden cable runs



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The DesignStand D2 is a High-quality, quadratic column stand with rectangular baseplate for mounting light, sound, and video equipment. The high-quality aluminium stand is composed of several 10 cm quadratic pipes in length of 60, 80 and 100 centimetres. The baseplate is made from solid aluminium, 80 cm ×80 cm ×2 cm, with central mounting for the square column. The square pipes are hollow and can be used to run cables. Varying heights can be achieved through different combinations of the square pipes. A closed head unit tops off the stand, featuring a rear cable outlet. With either a universal plate 35 cm ×45 cm or a universal T-Bar 120 cm ×5 cm, the head unit can be used to mount lights, speakers, or video equipment.

The stand set contains the following components:
1×Baseplate 80 cm×80 cm×2 cm, RAL 9005
1×Quadratic pipe 60 cm, RAL 7035
1×Quadratic pipe 80 cm, RAL 7035
2×Quadratic pipes 100 cm, RAL 7035
1× Head 56 cm, RAL 7035
1× Universal plate 35 cm×45 cm, RAL 7035
1× Universal T-Bar 120 cm×10 cm×5 cm, RAL 7035



D2 Specification Sheet

D2 2D/3D CAD