TSL Supply Lighting & Rigging for Angus & Julia Stone UK & EU Tour

Working to the specification of Australian LD Tim Beeston and production manager Pete Abbott, TSL provided equipment for a 5 week UK & EU tour by Angus & Julia Stone.

The rigging system comprised 3 flown LX trusses on Prolyte Pre-Rig truss & additional trusses for led screen, effects and set pieces.

The lighting system included Martin MAC Viper Profiles & Performances, Robe 600 LED Washes, SGM P5s, TSL’s fibre system and a Grand MA2 Lite console.

Tim Beeston controlled his own media server, providing content to the LED screen. The tour also carried a large Totem set piece, which contained custom LED lighting and which the truck drivers were convinced was cursed!

For TSL Lighting, Carl Boswell was the crew chief with production rigging support from the TSL office by Rory Mckay throughout the tour.

Photos taken at Brixton Academy by TSL’s Greg Westwood