TSL provides lighting to Rose Bruford College

TSL Lighting recently supplied GLP – German Light Products X4 Bar 20’s for a production at rose Bruford, Harvey made contact with TSL’s Colin Paxton to find a solution to achieve a curtain made of light.

Harvey commented “I’m in my third year at Rose Bruford and this was my last show. I had worked with the GLP bar 20s before and seen them in action and I loved the tight beam you get when using the haze. From the early stages of the show, I knew I wanted to use them for a light curtain effect at the very end of the play. These were all great ideas but I didn’t think we ever get the budget to have them. But thanks to Colin and TSL for supporting me at uni I was able to realise my design. I had four in the air for a light curtain. Then 4 on the floor. Not only did they give me the light curtain haze effect but I also utilised the dual pixel mode and used them for side lighting the faces of the actors.”

Always a pleasure working with the talented Rose Bruford College students, keep up the good work everyone.

Director: Rebecca Pollock
Designer: Hanseo Kim
LD: Harvey Fitzpatrick
Photos: Tyler Gregory