Riot Games: League of Legends All Star Event

Blinding Light supplied a colossal lighting system for the Riot Games “League of Legends All Star Event” at the Palau Sant Jordi Arena in Barcelona.

The event marked the close of the season where fans voted for players to represent each global region competing in four All Star Events.

Blinding Light worked with lighting designer Arnold Serame and Mat Stovall from Serame Design along with Production Manager Ben Vignola from Concom Inc. to supply a huge moving light rig. Over 600 fixtures made up the lighting rig which used 16,000 parameters across 33 universes, controlled by 3 x GrandMA 2 Full Size Consoles with a full redundancy switchover system, outputting to 5 x Grand MA NPU’s and 5 x Luminex Ethernet-DMX8 MkII Nodes.

Crew chief Martin Scott headed up a 13-man lighting crew on site, which included Dominic Main as system technician, with John ‘Spoons’ Clark and James Tomlinson heading up two teams of technicians.