Blinding Light is now TSL Lighting

TSL Lighting has announced that Blinding Light will now operate under the TSL Lighting branding, following its acquisition of the event lighting specialist in January 2018.

The move marks a milestone in the expansion of TSL and reflects its forward-thinking approach under the directorship of Sam Tamplin, Loz Wilcox and Dom Sheerman. It is effective from 1st September 2019.

Sam Tamplin comments: “During the time that Blinding Light has been part of the TSL family, we’ve harmonised our processes to the point where the equipment preparation for all jobs, whether styled as TSL or Blinding Light, is identical, so the time feels right to remove any potential brand confusion for our customers.

“Both of our brands have always shared the same core values – to provide the best quality lighting, rigging equipment and services available to customers in the production industry, so bringing the brands together as TSL Lighting will see no change or disruption to new or existing customers of either brand. Projects will continue to be delivered from both our Basingstoke and Gatwick locations and our trade hire teams will continue to service our industry colleagues.”

When TSL acquired Blinding Light, the directors of both companies reassured customers that they would retain the same points of contact within both brands, that they would continue to enjoy the same level of service, that there would be continuity in our quality of equipment and most importantly, they would keep the personal relationships that they have always enjoyed with our team. 

“We’re nearly two years into this project now and I’m delighted that we’ve kept our word on all of these things,” says Tamplin. 

TSL has stepped up investment into its expanding operations over the last two years, making significant improvements to its internal infrastructure across every area, from warehouses to IT and accounts. In addition, it has specialised both of its sites, with all lighting projects based in Basingstoke and all rigging projects processed at Gatwick. 

All accounts contacts and bank details will remain the same, and clients can continue to deal with their existing project manager or hire coordinator at the same location, via the same phone numbers and email addresses. “Our clients can and will continue to enjoy the same great level of service and quality of equipment they have learned to expect from both brands,” says Tamplin. “I’m excited to continue our mission into 2020 and beyond and to cement our position as one of the leading independent suppliers in the UK.”