Zero 88 AlphaPack 2

Key Features 

  • 3 channels
  • Convection cooling








Alphapack 2 are 3-channel fully portable dimmer units that can be safely secured to a stand or wall using a mounting bracket. One of our most popular dimmers, the Alphapack 2, finds uses in all areas of the lighting industry. Rental, display, education, event services, and live music users have all found the Alphapack 2 to be a perfect solution. The local fader controls make the Alphapack 2 ideal for ‘fit and forget’ situations, as well as allowing use as a follow spot dimmer.

This compact and rugged unit has 3 faders for local control or can be controlled remotely as part of a larger lighting system. The Alphapack 2 offers both analogue and DMX control inputs providing maximum flexibility for a great price. A unique safety system and overload protection circuit means that the Alphapack 2 provides an extremely safe and reliable solution to small dimming applications, never allowing the dimmer loads to draw more current than is available from the supply.



Zero 88 AlphaPack 2 – Data Sheet

Zero 88 AlphaPack 2 – User Manual

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13a/1 In, 16a/1 Out, 16a/1 In, 15a/1 Out