Axcor Beam 300

Key Features 

  • Source: 110W White LED engine (7600 K)
  • Ø 140mm front lens
  • Beam aperture: 2°
  • Motorised focus lens
  • One color wheel with 14 Colors
  • One gobo wheel with 17 Gobos
  • Rotating 8-facet Prism
  • 16-bit Electronic Dimmer with 4 curves
  • Electronic strobe@24 f/sec
  • Extremely compact and lightweight
  • Two DMX modes: 14ch / 16ch (Sharpy mode)




The Axcor 300 Beam is apart of the new Axcor 300 range. It boasts a 110W White LED Engine packed in a small and compact form factor, able of emitting a super-concentrated solid beam angle as small as 2°.


Axcor Beam 300 DMX Data Sheet

Axcor Beam 300 User Manual

Axcor Beam 300 Photometrics

Axcor Beam 300 Gobo & Filters

Axcor Beam 300 Specifications