Selecon Rama 150 Standard 1.2kW

Key Features

  • Adjustable yoke balance point
  • ‘Swing-down’ door for easy access to lamp or cleaning & disconnects mains power supply on opening
  • Smooth ‘posi-slide’ focus system, no metal to metal contact
  • Cooler operation due to use of engineering plastics on front (colour frame mount) & rear of luminaire
  • Heat-insulated rear grab-handle which doubles as handy storage for the 1m cable length
  • Tilt and focus scale is in real degrees allowing for accurate WSIYWYG implementation





These tungsten source luminaries are stable workhorses providing high performance and aesthetic standards.



Selecon Rama 150 Standard 1.2kW – Spec Sheet

Selecon Rama 150 Standard 1.2kW – User Manual