Behind the scenes with TSL at the Bandlab NME Awards

Whilst music’s most talented were descending on O2 Academy Brixton, TSL’s crew had just wrapped up their transformation of the venue ready for the night’s show.

The TSL crew put an impressive rig and lighting system in place for Renegade’s Lighting Designer, Nick Gray.

Nick Gray said,  “As always, working with TSL was a pleasure. Their attention to detail, prep and general approach is second to none. For this show, we had an awful lot of lighting, most of which couldn’t be accessed once installed so I needed to work with a team that did their utmost to make sure we didn’t have any equipment issues.”

Nick adds, “The team of technicians were very familiar and absolutely amazing. TSL were an ideal partner for Renegade on the show and proved again why we rate them so highly.”

The main lighting rig extended out into the auditorium and was steeply raked to be visually impressive on camera. The show comprised over 50 GLP X4 Bar 20s and JDC1 strobes, with VL2600 profiles providing keylight and Mac Viper Wash DXs for fill. Thirty two Astera AX3’s also accented the venue perfectly, allowing for programmer Tim Fawkes to have a versatile rig with a large number of moving RGBW pixels at his control.

On the main stage, a large Layher scaff structure provided a focal piece for the audience and allowed Nick Gray’s design to continue from the truss and flow beautifully down onto stage level with the addition of more X4 Bars and JDC1s.

In preparation for the show, TSL’s Crew Chief Tom Bexon said: “Being able to rely on TSL’s impeccable prep standards and attention to detail really made my life easier. I was able to send them Patch Sheets, Control Schematics and Looms Lists and the warehouse would build and configure everything for me, allowing us to hit the ground running on site. As always everything was absolutely spot on, so thank you to everyone in the warehouse, you smashed it”!

Tom continues, “I think the time and importance TSL places on the pre-production process is a huge part of what allowed us to get this show up smoothly and on time, as everything has been thought about and planned ahead of time.”

Whilst at the event at the O2 Brixton Academy Tom says, “The TSL Crew I had on site were the absolute dream team. As with any large ambitious shows, there are always going to be some bumps along the way, but the whole team took it in their stride and got the show up and running without missing a beat!”

The images really do speak for themselves and it was a pleasure to work with all involved.