TSL’s Coemar profiles a success in Theatre ​

TSL recently provided ALD Chair Johanna town with 8 of its new Coemar LEDko Full Spectrum 6 HD LED Profiles for a production of ‘Rutherford and Sons’ at the Sheffield Theatres Trust.

In an environment where dimming and colour accuracy are highly scrutinised, the 6-chip LED engine was able to provide incredibly smooth 20-bit colour mixing and 16-bit dimming which impressed Johanna greatly. The 20,000 Hz refresh rate also ensured a flicker-free operation throughout the performance and the LEDko’s ability to integrate seamlessly with existing Source 4 accessories (including lens tubes, top hats and donuts) made them an obvious choice. TSLs units are equipped with Powercon True1 in and thru (in addition to DMX in and thru) which allows multiple fixtures to easily be daisy chained using TSLs large stock of looms and True1 TRS.
When asked her opinion on the LEDkos, Town said she found them easy to mix, responding well to encoder commands.

“I ran them very much on the bottom end of bright, because that was the nature of the show. We wanted the show to feel as if it wasn’t lit by lighting; they dimmed and reacted just as well at the bottom end as the top and colour hardly had to be touched between the two ends of the dimming curve which was also great.”

“Regarding colour, we had a lot of candle light and red shift action, just subtle adjustments of the colours in this range. Again, they did the warms and pastels extremely well. As I said on the back light blue side, they were a little indigo but we managed to squeeze that away from them with some adjustment.

“Conclusion, a great light, really pleased I with them and would hire them off you anytime!”

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Photo credit to “The Other Richard” – www.theotherrichard.com
Lighting, set and theatre: Johanna Town