TSL adds Robe iForte LTX FS to the Inventory

TSL are excited to have invested in the new IP65 rated iForte LTX FS, offering more choice in high output luminaires to our customers.

Popular among many Lighting Designers, the iForte is an LED wash beam and long throw follow spot specifically designed for indoor and outdoor use. The fixture is capable of true, stadium-level reach and the integrated camera is compatible with the RoboSpot system, which is also in stock at TSL Lighting.

The purchase of the iForte LTX FS followed a demonstration provided by TSL Lighting and Robe at the Guildford School of Art, at which Lighting Designers were encouraged to come and have a go and give their say about the fixture.

Since landing at TSL, the iForte LTX FS in conjunction with TSL’s Robe RoboSpots, have already been hired out on jobs and we’ve received really positive feedback from clients using them. We can’t wait to keep seeing them on more shows and events over the coming months.

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