SGM G-Spot – UES


Key Features 

  • High-power IP65 RGB LED light source 1
  • 5327 lumen and 8° to 43° zoom range
  • 2 rotatory gobo wheels, FX wheel, 4-facet prism andultra-high-speed strobe
  • DMX, RDM and wireless control
  • 2000K – 10000K CTC control, no hotspots
  • Linear frost and smooth iris feature Practically maintenance-free and silent performance
  • Flicker-free / Programmable scenes



We have 16 x SGM G-Spots available. Sold Individually in single cases.

The SGM G – Spot is a maintenance free RGB LED moving head with IP65 rating and a bright colour output.


SGM G Spot DMX Chart

SGM G Spot User Manual

SGM G Spot Description