SGM P6 Wash

Key Features

  • IP66-rated 10º RGBW LED luminaire with lumen
  • 24 x 24W LEDs with 6 individually controllable segments
  • High lux performance in a compact assembly
  • High-quality dimming performance with colour filter emulation
  • CTC linear control from 2,000K to 10,000K
  • Different beam angles available via magnetic easy-fit holographic filter frames
  • Lightweight & maintenance-free
  • User friendly display, wireless control, and integrated handle




The P-6 combines the compact size and low power consumption of the P-5 series with the unique optical design and ergonomy of the P-10. This all-in-one LED luminaire features pixel-mapping control, long-throw capabilities with native 10º front lens, and all the benefits of magnetic easy-fit filter frames. It is a wash light, a strobe, and a blinder in a lightweight and robust design: a must-have multi-purpose LED fixture.



SGM P6 Wash – User Manual

SGM P6 Wash – DMX Chart

SGM P6 Wash – Photometrics