Chauvet Cloud 9 Fogger

Key Features

  • High-impact low-lying fog effect.
  • Continuous operation produces fog to cover 3,230 ft2 (300 m2) area
  • Ultrasonic agitator combines distilled water with fog to produce low-lying fog effect
  • On board digital display control or DMX
  • Integrated water drain system makes clean-up fast and easy
  • Use the low-lying fog fluid (LLG) to product the CO2 effect, which lasts for several minutes before dissipating
  • Use without dry ice or CO2, so no special licensing/training required



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Cloud 9 is an impressive, low-lying fogger that creates thick, cloud-like effects with a high-impact output ideal for use on large-scale stages, theatres, live events. The robust unit has a best in class heat-up time of 4 minutes and no dry ice or CO2 is needed, which means no special licensing/training is required. Because it works without a special coolant or compressor, only water and fog fluid is needed for continuous output.



Cloud 9 Quick Start Guide

Cloud 9 User Manual