CCT Minuette 650w Fresnel

Key Features

  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Large beam angle range
  • 4 leaf barn doors.




The smallest, lightest and most versatile luminaire in the Minuette range. Its soft-edged controllable beam is very even and well defined. The Fresnel lens has been specially designed for the unit and is very efficient. The large beam angle range from 18 – 57 degrees, and the optional accessory of a rotatable four-leaf barn door, gives complete control of the beam shape. The beam angle is adjusted by a heat resistant knob under the unit. Sliding this toward the lens increases the beam angle – away from the lens reduces it. The heat resistant rear handle and the “T” shaped tilt locking handle give easy, cool control when adjusting the unit’s position.


Minuette Fresnel Photometrics

Minuette Fresnel Product Data