Key Features

  • IP65 rated
  • CMY with 2 colour wheels and variable CTO of 3,000K – 6,700K
  • ChromaTint patented green content control software
  • The PLANO4 4 individual plane blade system, with 120° module rotation, delivers precise, endlessly repeatable framing without shape restriction
  • 1 rotating, indexable gobo wheel with 5 replaceable gobos
  • 2 aluminium animation wheels with variable speed and directional control
  • 2 independently controlled stackable prisms-one 6-facet circular and 1 6-facet linear
  • 2 MagFrost interchangeable 1° and 5° frosts
  • 2° Beam Reducer for long throw follow spot operation



The iFORTE LTX FS is a comprehensive single package of versatile high output LED WashBeam and long throw follow spot specifically designed for indoor and outdoor use. This fixture is capable of true, stadium-level reach and the integrated camera is compatible with the RoboSpot system.

Redefining the boundaries of output, optical excellence, and performance while retaining all the subtleties of theatrical precision, the iSERIES IP65-rated Robe iFORTE LTX FS is truly the next-generation unrivalled WashBeam luminaire with an integral camera for live concert touring, indoors or out. The iSE-TE 1.000W XP (Xtra Performance) IP65-rated White LED TRANSFERABLE ENGINE produces an incredible, industry leading 355,000 lx at 5 m. In line with its outstanding performance, the iFORTE LTX FS creates an imposing visual statement with its domineering, solid beam from the 245mm front lens.

The standard Optical Range Mode permits the widest 3.5° – 52° coverage. Using the iris, you can narrow the beam for 2°-52° coverage. The Long Throw Mode, using xR7 technology, provides an ultra-tight 0.7 – 2° beam to deliver crisp, incisive beams without any intensity loss usually found when engaging an iris over long distances.

The iFORTE LTX FS FollowSpot is equipped with a full HD digital camera mounted on the head, with parCoat lens protection to ensure a clear picture in inclement weather. The IP65-rated camera features 32x optical and 32x digital zooms and is suitable for light levels down to 0.05 lux.



Robe iFORTE LTX FS – Spec Sheet

Robe iFORTE LTX FS – User Manual