Distro Type HP72

Key Features

  • Input: 1x PowerLock (400A MCCB)
  • Output: 12x Socapex (72x 16A C-Type 30mA RCBO)                                                                              6x True1 (6x 16A C-Type 30mA RCBO)                                                                                    1x 32A/3𝜙 (32A D-Type MCB with Variable ELR)                                                                      1x 63A/3𝜙 (63A C-Type MCB with Variable ELR)
  • Through: 1x PowerLock (250A MCCB with Variable ELR)
  • Style: Flightcase


Utility Power: two USB Sockets for charging and LED Tape for illumination

Earthing Point wired with one Socapex per phase (x4)



For more information on Distro Specifications and naming convention please refer to our Distro Guide.