Distro Type 24 Way

Key Features

  • Input:
    • 1x PowerLock (125A C-Type MCB with variable RCD)
  • Output:
    • 1x PowerLock (unprotected)
    • 1x 32A 3𝜙 (32A C-Type MCB)
    • 2x 16A 3𝜙 (16A C-Type MCB)
    • 1x True1 (16A C-Type MCB)
    • 8x LV Wired Socapex
  • Style: Rubber Box





Each hoist controller is individually protected with a 40A D-Type MCB. This unit also features a ”Phase reverse” switch which affects the hoist controllers only. This unit features a True1 Utility wired to L1 and a lockable 3U drawer.

For more information on Distro Specifications and naming convention please refer to our Rigging Distro Guide.